Friday, March 19, 2010

attack of the clones (part one)

I don’t know if there’s more tweens in Auckland or if it’s just that I saw them all in one place, but every young girl on Queen Street was wearing the exact same outfit. It’s not that surprising I guess, but it seems like the Wellington youngins at least have a bit more fashionable independence to their northern counterparts. Maybe we have more alternative stores here. Maybe it’s just Auckland producing a million Lippy clones so they can identify them after dark. (As if the squealing isn’t a big enough give-away)

I have identified the all-in-one-place problem as Cobra Starship playing at The Edge that night. There were kids lined up for two blocks to get in and they all looked the same. There were about five guys in total in that line and they all looked rather a) embarrassed or b) sexually ambiguous. There were also a couple of overprotective parents thrown in the mix. I bet they enjoyed chaperoning that hormone-fuelled entourage.

It was a big weekend for the tweens then with both the Starship and Lady GaGa filling different arenas. Thrown in the mix there was the Pixies, which is why I got to observe the young ones, in case you were wondering. So wandering about mixed together were the bedazzled youth and the plaid-shirt-and-boot wearing misspent youths of yesteryear.

What surprises me the most was that at least none of those young girls were wearing heels to what was probably their first big gig. Some Pixies fans were not quite as wily as their age suggested and soldiered on with their pumps a-tappin. When will people learn?

To conclude what is a very mish-mashed post, I must say I was highly disappointed at how quickly the crowd turned on the Pixies when the lights came up after the first encore. After cheering away for a few minutes the yeahs! turned to boos at the flick of a switch. How uncouth! How unappreciative of the last hour and a half of awesomeness! It was shameful. And no sooner did they realise that they were coming out for a second half-hour-long encore with the house lights up they were back on-side with the reigning alternative rockers. By this time a lot of (foolish) people had left and missed out on the best set of the night – moving away from the Doolittle-only tracks and making waves (of mutilation – haHA!) with crowd-pleasers like Where is My Mind and Gigantic. Twenty years on from Doolittle’s release and they sounded great, the energy was high and Vector Arena was rocking.

Overall a freakin awesome concert. Best Concert Ever still goes to Fleetwood Mac, but it was pretty high up there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shop deprivation

I know there is sleep deprivation. We all know about starvation and the suffering that goes with it. But who feels sorry for the commercially deprived? I’ve had a retail restraining order slapped on me since I booked tickets to Australia’s fashion capital, and although I know it’s for a good cause, I’m surprised I haven’t gone all Captain Insano on your ass.

This is quite possibly why I haven’t blogged for a while. The last time I went into a shop was for the epic $7.50 Supre sale. My last big haul before the drought. Those clothes mean nothing to me now!

I walked into Number 1 Shoes about a week ago looking for a cheap pair of shoes to finish off my 80s prom party attire. I gave myself a limit of $40 – pretty generous considering the tight grip I’ve had on the purse strings lately (but we all know the shoes make the outfit). I didn’t find pink shoes for the prom. What I found were the cutest patent leopard-print pumps I have ever coveted. They didn’t even look like they had come from a nasty cheap store. They had my size. I tried them on. The result was spectacular! I loved those shoes. I loved them like I love my Emily Strange evil cat slippers which I’ve had to gaffa tape up so many times the soles collect little pieces of everywhere I go.

They were only $40. It was within the limit I had set myself – just not within the terms of reference. “Maybe I could wear them to the party?” I thought. But no. It was off-theme. The shoes I needed were pink. Not shiny brown.

I don’t know if I have ever walked out on a cheap pair of delightful shoes in my entire shopping life. Only $40! They could have been mine. They still could be! Even a day before pay day I could rock down there right now and own those babies. But I’m thinking of the cause.

I’m so dedicated to my Melbourne retail frenzy I am thinking like some sort of rational, economically minded adult. Not the free-willed shop-loving child that usually takes hold of my wallet when boredom strikes. Or any other emotion that can be fixed with shiny new things.

It’s my own fault really. I booked flights five weeks out. I’m making repayments on a car. There was always going to be limited funding for this trip. What’s scary is that I’ve transcended consumer immaturity to the point of making a priority list of things I am allowed to buy. All unallocated funds will be accessible after the purchase of:

1) New winter coat

2) Brown leather boots

That doesn’t seem like much of a list to look at, but winter essentials are more expensive. There’s no $7.50 sale going on here. This is investment shopping at its best.

I’m sure this level of maturity will pass once the aforementioned items are in my hands. I’m packing very little in the hope of finding bargain heaven and milking it dry. But until then, I may not be the Hazel you know and love. I walk past shops without going in. I see sales without offering up my bank card.

I turned by back on the shoes.