Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's the Theme?

Sevens fever just hit Wellington and although I joined in with the post-game drinking action on Friday night, I failed to play dress-ups. Wondering through the streets in my work clothes, I felt more than a little out of place, and even more envious, because I sure do love a good costume party.

However I couldn’t help but notice that for many young girls, the definition of “dressing up in costume” actually meant “dressing down in underwear”. Well close to it anyway. If you’ve attended a few costume parties in your time you’ll have probably noticed there is always a slutty sailor, policewoman, nurse or other uniformed occupation. It seems that some girls can't think outside the square and just want to look as sexy as possible regardless of the theme.
Sure, it’s a chance to wear something a little more risque than usual, but I’d like to see costumes that are a bit more original and more importantly, amusing. The Sevens are a bit of an exception; I was thoroughly impressed with the girls who put in that extra bit of effort rather than doing a mad dash to the costume store and grabbing the nearest flesh revealing get-up. Highlights included blue Avatar-people, Geisha’s, Crayons, and Mcdonald’s items.
But get away from the Sevens and back to your average birthday celebration and the creativity levels seem to drop horrendously. The guys seem to get it right, maybe it has something to do with the fact that they don’t mind making a dick of themselves, but I always feel that many girls aren’t even trying.
I always envy the blokes. There are so many cooler male icons to dress up as; in fact I’ve managed to earn myself a reputation as dressing up like a dude at parties. At my 20thbirthday I had a ‘musician’ themed party - I was joined by a female Benji Madden (lead guitarist, Good Charlotte), Shania Twain, a very white Destiny’s Child, Frank Sinatra and yours truly, Axl Rose.

At a friend’s 21st back in 2006 the theme was “dream occupation” – I turned up with a foam board guitar and a bottle of Jack, dressed as none other than rock god Slash. The end of the night saw me pulling a Pete Townsend and destroying the faux Les Paul.
A Halloween party in 2008 had me piling on the white face paint and heading out the door as Sweeney Todd, hair cutting instruments included. Might I mention that at the same Halloween party I saw a very short-skirted, midriff-baring sailor – how is that spooky??

Don’t worry its not all cross-dressing, other costumes include Cyndi Lauper at an 80’s party in  2005 - Maverick (Top Gun), a Ghostbuster, Madonna and Jem also attended. At a ‘Las Vegas’ party I pulled out the white tights and black paint and went as a white tiger (think Sigfried & Roy). Again, there were some very out of place costumes on the ladies, such as Snow White.
Juliet from Shakespeare’s famous play showed up to a ‘Movies” party – which was especially interesting as it was hosted by a gay couple who aren’t afraid to use a bit (or a lot) of makeup…
I admit I broke the rule last year at my brother’s 30th and went for the sexy option – the theme was “Beginning with A’ so I stole Avril Lavigne’s look on the Girlfriend video. But at least it wasn’t just pointless sluttiness!
Coming up in three weeks is an 80’s prom party. I haven’t yet managed to find anything to wear but we’ll see. With all the giant bows, puffy sleeves and shoulder pads its sure to be giggle. Let hope the ladies use their brains a bit.

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  1. I was totally thinking the same thing. Adding "slutty" to an occupation is not an inventive way to dress up. Hopefully there will be plenty of photos from the prom to prove that we can have a laugh at our own expenses!