Friday, February 5, 2010

sheer delight

Matching, or cleverly mismatching, with the biker jacket and hard-edged clothing of late has been the beautiful femininity of sheer materials. Although it means investing in either some gorgeous underwear that you want to show off, or slips and singlets to hide your granny pants, sheer fabrics have added an extra element to the layered look.

When you’re going for a look, it’s easy to get carried away with one idea and take it to the extreme. In fashion, a balanced look is created by taking the best of two looks and mixing them up.

Floaty sheer fabrics mixed with gladiator heels and a leather jacket creates this divine biker-fairy chic that’s one of the hottest looks around in my books. And it’s easy to take from hot summer day to breezy night. Now if only I could get my hands on a jacket that is cute, cheap and not going to go out of style before next winter I’d be set!

When doing sheer, remember to cover up the right places. Britney tried and failed at her return to the Grammys this year to pull off a sheer black D&G dress. But she pairs it with a black body suit and what appear to be fishnet stockings (two types of netting, no Britney, just no) and topped off with her dark (poorly-styled) hair. It was a complete fail, and I’m very pleased that Joan Rivers and the rest of the team on Fashion Police agreed with my disdain. There were a lot of hanging, shaking heads.

The idea of slips has been lost for a long time now but Glassons has been selling them this summer season, even giving them away with sheer dresses. It’s a blessing for all those who would otherwise go free underneath and walk around with brightly patterned bras for all to see. People are more inclined to realise they should be wearing something underneath if they don’t have to think for themselves.

Sheer brings an essence of sophistication, femininity and playfulness if it’s done right. As ususal, if left to their own devices, fashion sheep will fail with great zeal.

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