Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crop circles

Not so long ago I wrote something about fashion cycles and how we can only hope that we never go back to the tummy tops of the 90s. Even now, say the word “crop top” and I think of what we wore under our shirts in intermediate because we didn’t quite have anything going on there but thought better than to be naked beneath our clothes.

I shake my head in disappointment at the latest trend to hit celebutards, Australians, and tweens. I blame Supre one hundred percent! Cropped singlets. They are in shops and on bodies around the world. But why, I ask, WHY??? I thought we’d gotten past all that tummy-bearing palaver and come to a better place. A more modest place. A more fashionable place.

But there they are – just inside the door at Supre – that means it’s the newest thing and every teenager walking past should buy one. Now you might be thinking, maybe it’s time you stopped shopping at such stores hazel, maybe you’ve grown too old for it – but it’s not that. You can still find some good stuff in there if you walk past the tween-enticing door fodder. It’s just that it promotes such things to easily influenced youngins that are too young to know what a terrible terrible mistake they are making. They weren’t around in the 90s to remember how bad it was then, but I tell you, 10 or so years from now they’re going to wish they knew better.

I mention Aussies because in Melbourne atm, supposedly Australia’s fashion capital, girls are not only wearing crop tops, they’re wearing them with leggings. Breaking two rules at once you crazy kids, why I oughta... (Thanks to my informant for keeping me up to date!) I know it’s hot over there but do you have to walk around with your bum and tum out.

What is this world coming to?!

Anyone over the age of 17 spotted wearing this fashion calamity should be reported to Debris for public punishment right away. I can only hope that this blip in our fashion sense disappears before it comes to that.

What’s next? Tying knots at the waist?!

I understand that we can’t trust celebrities like Miley and Lindsay to set the right trends – what scares me is the influence these people have on fashion around the world. At least other celebs can blame the Rachel Zoes of tinseltown for putting them in the wrong direction, but I somehow suspect that these two chose their outfits all on their own.

I know there’s a “California girl” look going on at the moment, but that doesn’t mean fashion has to go all 90210 on us!

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