Wednesday, January 13, 2010

mini me!

Continuing on from why I can’t pull off the maxi, let me tell you about my love for the mini.

Just to get off on the right foot, I’m not talking about (what someone so eloquently phrased as) greyhound skirts – just a whisker away from the [hare] – you see on girls of late walking the weekend-night streets. (Another person less eloquently described the phenomenon as a ‘vagina dress’ – Great for its shock value and obviousness, though I find the greyhound allusion to be much more witty and amusing.

So, onward with the mini. As I pointed out in the last post, I was blessed with good legs, I want to show them and the mini skirt is the perfect solution. But their greatness doesn’t end there! There’s so much more to wearing less!

Like shorty-shorts, also much loved, the mini is versatile for most/all weather conditions and social situations with the simple addition of accessories and footwear styling. You probably won’t see me out wearing a mini with giant heels, even more so if it’s a denim number, because you can quickly delve into the skankier side of dressing. (Please note, dressing skanky doesn’t make you a skank, it just makes you look like one – Avoid if possible.)

Your mini doesn’t have to be tight. A mini can be floaty and pretty, but not fru-fru, unless it’s the ra-ra kind of fru-fru that the eighties has dragged back in. You won’t catch me in one of those either. (I’m talking tiered ruffles people, some things deserve to be left in fashion history, on 10 year olds, not 20-somethings dressing like 10 year olds. But I digress...) If you’re wearing a tight mini, pair it with something loose on top. I generally stick to that rule with all my clothes. Skinny on bottom loose on top, or loose on bottom tight on top – whether it be jeans, a skirt or shorts.

A mini can definitely be used to your advantage. A mini dress that shows off the legs but covers your cleavage tones down the attention a short dress can wager. Wearing a mini out at night doesn’t necessarily mean fitting in with the 18 year olds fishing for feels at the pub. A sophisticated mini dress can make you feel sexy or cute without a hint of trashiness, as long as you’re doing it right.

Accessories are the key to the perfect mini look. Accessorise your mini dress with matching items. Like Miss Hudgens above, a chunky leather belt with matching sandals tones down the femininity of the dress. Use tights and boots to take your mini through the cooler months (no uggs please!) and wear long cardys to lengthen the look.

The best accessory however is confidence! Wear short clothing comfortably, or trade it in for something longer. Spending the whole day pulling down your skirt or worrying whether the greyhound is too close to the bait gets old pretty fast!

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