Thursday, January 28, 2010

fitting fashion

Possibly for the first time ever, I walked out of a shop without buying something that I tried on and wanted. To be honest, I had just left another store with a $90 goody bag. And to be even more honest, I’ll probably go back there tomorrow with a “consultant” to help me decide and then make the purchase. I thought about asking the shop girl, but I’m sure they don’t actually care as long as you buy one of them.

I think I have this problem alot. I buy something that doesn’t quite fit right because a size up and a size down don’t fit properly. The smaller size is the one I’ll go for because it looks better – even if that means sacrificing comfort, but lately I’ve been determined to actually buy things that fit.

Perhaps it’s the particular stores I’m going to, generically cut clothing made one-size-fits-all within that size range.

The biggest issue I have is with sleeves. Particularly jackets. I tried on this great cropped tuxedo jacket today and it looked fabulous and slimming. But as soon as I raised my arms it got all pinchy and crinkled and I imagined drinking only from a long straw while wearing it out so I wouldn’t have to lift glass to face.

So I tried on the next size up. This one felt more comfortable in the arms, but it didn’t define my waistline like the smaller one had.

I tried them both on like three times. I’m sure the shop girl thought I was busy stuffing things into my bag or something. Imean, how long can it take to try on two jackets? It’s not like I had to remove any clothing to put do it!

I’m generally not frugal and this jacket only cost $60, but I had just spent $90 on two dresses at another store (that was justifiable because I went out to buy a new cell phone and ended up getting one for free, saving myself the couple of hundred dollars I had already spent in my mind). So you can imagine my sense of pride when I walked out of the store without either ill-fitting garment.

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