Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion in the field

I think the maxi is going to be a big look at the races this year, but with my general dislike for wearing them myself I’m opting for none other than something mini. I have two dresses to choose from this year, mostly because I wore my favourite glam-but-not-too-glam garden-party-type dress last year. It was black and white and a beautiful dress, but I feel that there needs to be some colour this year.

One of the dresses I’m considering is no label per se, but made by this asian woman at a fabulous small Wellington store. It’s gorgeous and she only makes one-offs in one size, so there’s no chance of seeing someone else in it. It would look fabulous with the shoes, its only downfall is that it’s satin and floaty and also rather short. I don’t want to spend all day doing a Marilyn.

The other dress is short also. It has the benefits of being tighter fitting so you lose the updraft issues, but not so tight fitting that you can’t sit down. The downside to tighter is that there’s no leeway when you do sit down – especially on the ground. It’s legs together or to the side, or flashing. I suspect we’ll be general public this year, which means sitting on the grass if you want to be close to the action or in the sun (which is at the front of my mind due to my waning holiday tan, but probably least desirable to the guys donning suits – of which I’m so proud of their sense of style and occasion, but will not compromise my tan time for).

Another must-have-right is the shoes, which my bf so brilliantly bought for me for Christmas – without a peep from me on style or colour choices – and they are to die for. Perfectly on trend for this season and classic enough to continue wearing and a great heel for the races – stilettos and grass are a no-go people! Is it that hard to figure out? He even advised me to wear them around the house for a few hours before wearing them out. What a gem!

So despite the fact that I know I’m going to try on both outfits with combinations of different jewellery and make up, I think I’ve made up my mind. Yet to be purchased is a fascinator, which, if I can find someone to drag around the shops at lunch tomorrow, will become a part of the trying on fiasco that I love so much.

The key to a great fashion outing is taking photos before anything gets messed up – a lipstick kiss, a muggy train ride, the inevitable nose itch – whatever happens after that bothers me very little. Because while the fashion experience may quickly fade, photographic evidence lasts forever!

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