Thursday, December 17, 2009

sensible swimwear

Is it acceptable to wear a two piece at a public pool?

Or is it just my ridiculous preconceptions that say a bikini is entirely inappropriate attire?

And for that matter, how many people actually own one-piece togs these days?

Well me, for one. And I’m not talking about the trendy bedazzled cut-outs that show off just as much as a two-piece – I mean sensible swimwear from Speedo! Practical and boring, but the only thing I find appropriate to wear for my swim at the gym.

There’s this girl that swims there also who wears a bikini and I just can’t take her swimming-for-health efforts seriously. She wears goggles – why not splash out on a proper pair of swimmers?

It’s a bit like the undies undies togs conundrum. When does your swim wear become inappropriate for the situation?

The comparison that keeps coming back to me is the sporty shorty shorts you can get from most generic clothing stores, y’know, the ones with the numbers on the bum. They’re made to look like they’re for playing a sport, but you wouldn’t catch anyone at the gym wearing them for fear of your bum falling out the bottom of them. They’re for hanging out on the beach and sunbathing or mucking around the house – they might do the trick for actual excercise, but no one would seriously wear them for that purpose.

I’ve got nothing against the bikini. I gladly wear mine at the beach or in the river. But you’ll never catch me wearing it in a public pool – and I should hope I don’t catch you either!

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  1. Other occasions when a bikini is not ideal - when in the company of co-workers, your boss, or your in-laws. In these situations a two-piece is far too much like underwear. I'm still feeling the trauma of the office hot pool visit of 2008.