Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dreams may be free...

While researching (read: procrastinating actual work and googling stuff) for upcoming blog entries I came across this gem from

At first I was put off by the initial ridiculously expensive items that came up – because although every woman wants a US$34,000 bracelet for Christmas, the chances of our loved ones buying them for us is less than minimal.

But if you persevere with this beautifully presented catalogue of gift ideas you will come across more than one affordable item and many items of great beauty.

It’s not just about the actual items you see in the catalogue, it’s the ideas which are quite inspiring (mostly as gifts to yourself, unless your boyfriend is particularly inclined to read such web sites). There are also some nice mumsy-type gifts there – one inclusion that surprised me was soap.

I know people still buy other people soaps and you can get some really nice ones from shops like Lush. What surprised me was that a style guru, like Style, would suggest such a generic gift. I don’t know if I’m sold – it seems like something you buy people when you have absolutely no idea about what they’re into (in which case, why are you buying a gift for them.)

I recall receiving a soapy gift a few years back. Although I had consumed a few glasses of bubbles by the time I was presented with the gift, I remember looking at the unwrapped item in confusion. ‘Was it chocolate?’ I wondered. I sure like chocolate, so it certainly could have been, but there was something in the smell of those little individually wrapped parcels that sidelined that thought. I think in the end one of the givers said to me “it’s soap.” My confusion must have been apparent and I was slightly embarrassed that clarification was required.

It’s not that I was ungrateful for the gift. It was very nice soap. But I’m not sure that I have used it in any way except in my underwear drawer to make it smell nice. Which it does very nicely.

As a non-believer in re-gifting (and a notorious hoarder) I assume that that is where the soap will remain until such a time that I run out of body wash or hand soap. Unfortunately, for the soap, that’s unlikely to happen, because I’m an organised person who rarely runs short of the things I like to have.

In any case, the Holiday Gift Guide is worth checking out – especially if you like to lust after expensive things and look at pretty photos of animals. It’s a shame you can’t print it out and sneakily leave it on the coffee table to be seen by your respective gift-givers. The best most of us will do is the Warehouse and Michael Hill Jeweller catalogues hastily jammed in mailboxes. Dream gifts are not free, but you might just get a bargain.

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