Thursday, November 26, 2009

shoe debris

I recently made a solid effort to haul out all the shoes in my wardrobe and assess what had become a very chaotic situation.

After years of shoe acquirement, the bottom of my wardrobe had developed into a graveyard for many un-worshipped pairs, mixed in with the dearly loved. I can’t believe I let it get so bad. Such pandemonium doesn’t often exist on my watch and I hung my usually perpetually organised head in shame. Considering that I won’t let hot and cold foods or rival sauces touch on my plate at dinner, having such mayhem in my wardrobe is almost unimaginable! And yet there it was.

So I went out and bought a couple of DIY shelves. (And I’m very proud to say I wielded a screwdriver and actually did it myself.) After throwing out three pairs of black boots that haven’t seen the light of day for many-a-year (and numerous other monstrosities), I counted up, categorised, and proudly displayed my collection in methodical order. Satisfaction was mine.

It’s not quite as good as I imagine it will be once I’m rich and have a walk-in wardrobe and the dream shoe shelves that Carrie Bradshaw gets in the SATC movie. But it’s a start. I’m surprised at myself now that I didn’t make an itemised list while I was at it. For no real reason except that list-making is such a favourite pastime of mine and once I get into an organising mood it doesn’t take much to set me off. But (as per usual) I digress.

It turned out that after the rubbishing I have over 30 pairs of shoes, boots, heels and sandals. I was quite pleased with this number and my self satisfaction increased somewhat along with a grand sense of achievement. If only someone had been there to share it with me. :(

Instead I told my colleague about it when I went to work the next day and she totally shot me down, stating that she had about 60 pairs.

‘Where does she keep them?’ I wondered, ‘and are they placed in an orderly fashion?’ I guess she has over ten years of shoe-buying time on me but her prowess was intimidating. Obviously she is as dedicated to the cause as I am.

It kinda rained on my parade, but in this day and age it’s nice to have someone to look up to.

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