Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not in da dictionary

I have very little to no respect for people who insist on writing ‘the’ as ‘da’. Not only is it a misinformed use of the vernacular (and the people I see using it are not members of the covert prestige group – merely incongruous imitators), but it’s a grand statement of their general ignorance and inability to connect with their own language group.

Word to the wise people, it doesn’t make you gansta, it makes you sounds like a fucking moron.

Not to mention the fact that written language is a visual representation of the words we speak – unless you actually say it like that, there's no reason for you to write it that way. AND! It’s not even easier to say. The “d” sound requires an initial stop after most words, so unless you’re combining it with “inda hood” it really doesn’t make your life any easier. If you’re stupid enough to use this, try and make the English language easier for your simple mind to articulate.

Every time I read a text, tweet, status update with this form I instantly regard this person to be an uneducated idiot whose ideas and opinions should be instantly disregarded due to their inability to write a message correctly. I mean seriously, how much more effort is it to write t-h-e over d-a? These cretins have probably input it as a word in their dictionary, because even the limited understanding of their cellphone doesn’t recognise this as a word. Mine suggests “fa” first. This is how witless you are!

If any one has the idiocy to defend their usage, you had better be African American. Don’t even get me started on the intricacies of the vernacular and overt/covert prestige. Let’s just say, the prestige of using Black American language applies to people who are, GASP, Black American. How wondrous?!

To anyone else, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t speak to me like you’re from the hood. It is insulting to be associated with such insidious misusers of my language.

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