Thursday, October 1, 2009

the long and short of it

Are short-shorts appropriate to wear to work? The shorties-over-tights look seems like it could be professional to me, but I never go there in fear of what the “older” people at work might think. In my own time I’ve been doing the shorts over tights thing for a couple of years now. It’s funky and versatile, keeps your legs warm in winter, and hides any between-shaving-day legs in spring!

I certainly wouldn’t try and pull off short-shorts at work without the tights. There’s something about that leg coverage that makes all the difference. It’s the same with short skirts. I wear some fairly short skirts to the office – I much prefer short skirts to the more professional knee-length ones – they just look better on me. But for the sake of professionalism I wear the tights.

What is it about that semi-transparent, skin-tight netting that makes tights so much more acceptable than bare skin? Especially when I’m seeing fish-net stockings around the office these days. Where is the line and how do we avoid crossing it?

Obviously with the shorts, I’m not talking about fluro hot pants or boardies/beach shorts. There are some really nice ones available these days, particularly in tweed, black and greys. They’re in the same shops I buy my other office-wear from – so why is it such a grey area?

What is it about shorts that says casual over professional?

I still don’t know. But I welcome your thoughts. For now I’ll stick to my just-as-short-as-short-shorts skirts and wait ‘til someone else successfully pulls it off!


  1. I'm thinking its all about the shoes that you wear with the shorts? cute ankle shoe/boots

  2. I know you wrote this ages ago, but I also am not a fan of knee length skirts. mostly because all it leaves is my spindly chicken shins. No show of my not so spindly upper legs