Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday fashion dilemmas

Don't you hate it when you make the decision to dress down or dress casually when you're going out and then when you get to where you're going everyone else is glammed up?

I find it most confusing, especially on friday nights. I like to save my fabulous clothes (and bothering to apply more than just eye make-up) for saturdays. It's hard to know when to turn up somewhere looking fancy. When deciding what to wear out, you pose a risk of looking too fancy or too casual, so which is the biggest fashion faux pas?

If the night's starting out as, say, a bbq, you don't want to dress up too much, but then what if you end up going out later in the night? I always envy the hosts! They have all the options of being casual and comfy until the situation requires glamming, and then it's a simple case of running off and quickly changing their outfit (and usually a drunken application of make-up, which can catch even the make-up pros out!).

I'm the "sensible" kind of goer-outer who sneaks a pair of heels in my oversized handbag for those just-in-case times! Is that crazy? I also try to remember at least the most basic of make-up, so if the moment comes, I'm not heading into town looking like I just got off the couch.

I tend to be a dresser-downer if I'm just going round to someone's house for drinks. I think I'd rather wear my beloved skinny jeans and a nice top than turn up in a dress. You've all seen those people. Especially those new-to-the-group friends who aren't sure what the standard dress code is and turn up dressed to impress. It usually has the opposite effect. You tend to laugh quietly about the girl in the sparkly dress standing around drinking in someones kitchen. Fashion fail.

Who is the biggest offender here? Unfortunately my friday nights don't consist of celebrity charity events, so maybe this isn't the best example!

The general concensus on other fashion sites seems to be that over-dressing is the way to go. I don't know if it's because they're American and I'm in NZ, but I think I'd rather dress down. Go the jeans. And my just-in-case heels in handbag :-)

I'm writing this as I start to think about what I'm going to wear out tonight. You know what is really easy to dress up or down with the addition of heels??? JEGGINGS!!! now, to go with black or blue demin...

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