Saturday, October 17, 2009

The fashionator

Fascinators are everywhere I look at the moment, but I wonder, apart from the races, are people actually wearing these things around?

They're gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but where is it appropriate to go around wearing a bunch of feathers and other crap upon your head? Maybe the stores are just stocking up for race season - spring is upon is - although at that nasty rain stage at the mo - but I can't imagine making it a metre down a Wellington street without the thing flying off into the distance. Lucky they hold the races out in the burbs where the weather is more temperate. (Although the train ride out there almost nulifies that small joy out of the equation.)

I must admit I recently purchased a headband with a little bit more on it than usual. Some sparkly leaves to make my melon shine, but already someone made a race-day comment, and it's only very minor compared with some of the befeathered monstrosities I've seen elsewhere. I'm seeing all too many on the shelves, but none upon heads. When I do see someone making the mistake of wearing one into town, I'll be sure to point and laugh, so you all know what not to look like.

Just because they are in the shops, doesn't mean you have to wear them. I'm glad to see places like Farmers have made them more available for the average lady going to race day this year. Otherwise it's DIY for el cheapos like me that can't afford to go to the milliner.

There are some lovely ones around and celebs seem to be embracing the look aswell. From goth/glam over-the-eyes black ribbon and lace to subtle feathers or sequins there's something to suit your style. So if you're going to do it, make sure it's in line with your event and evening wear. Subtle feathers that wrap around the head rather than stick straight up is a good way to experiment with the look, add a bit of glam and fascination. Just don't go all mother of the bride on us!

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