Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cat’s Meow!

As summer heats up (figuratively at this point, considering the last few miserable days) we can all start to bring our colourful, floral and patterned dresses out of the closet! Hooray! Standard Wellington winter black be gone! Although I must say, I made a concerted effort to add a bit of colour to my winter wardrobe this year.

An emerging theme is animal print. It’s been developing for a while, but seems to be more mainstream at this point, and I love it! It’s sexy and fun, but like most good things, risks being overdone.

I’ve invested in a few essential pieces, which, despite their similar animalistic characteristic, will never be seen together. (Unless they’re hanging out in my wardrobe.) Animal prints are great, but there’s a limit. I’m all for the one-piece-at-a-time take on the look. One essential accessory or garment per outfit can turn drab to fab, but don’t put them on together.

You might be thinking well duh haze, of course I’m not going to mix two leopard print pieces into one look, but you’d be surprised at how easily people can get it wrong. (Yes I saw you, girl on Lambton the other day. Don’t think I didn’t notice that leopard-print scarf over your zebra tunic/dress! It was like Picasso hit the zoo… and my fashion-sensitive eyes cursed you for it!)

Most of my wild prints are on accessories – scarves for the most part – but I intend to welcome a sweet pair of printed pumps into my newly organised shoe farm as well. I do have a printed skirt, and a top, but they are strictly to be worn with black or white opposites (tops or bottoms) and will never meet their catty counterparts upon the body.

Unlike some outfits, where I like to match my top with the same colour tights, or my tights with the same colour scarf, mixing up animal prints is a big no-no. Make it the feature of an otherwise simple outfit, and it’s the cat’s meow! Otherwise, it goes a bit cougar-Attack!

And no-one wants that.

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