Monday, September 28, 2009

the jegging phenomenon

So, the latest phenomenon to grace our lovely legs is the "jegging". Love the look. Hate the name. However, I tried and failed to come up with a better term, thus my reference to the awkward jegging, the fashionable love-child of jeans and leggings. Leggings have been around for a while now, keeping us toasty when we're out in the less-than-desirable NZ weather and saving us from seeing all too much beyond the leave-nothing-to-the-imagination micromini dresses of late. I'm sometimes concerned for the health of the girls wearing these dresses on out on freezing nights, but that's a whole other story...

I'm loving my newly purchased jeggings! I was so pleased with them in the shop that I purchased both denim blue and black (not quite adventurous enough for acid-wash yet, I'll leave them for the under-20s for now!), at a hefty price, but such is the cost of fashion! Jeggings are so versatile, much like their legging counterparts, but with the added value of (gasp!) pockets and the ever-fashionable look of jeans.

You dress them down with a lengthy singlet, bat-wing top or boyfriend shirt, or sex them up with killer heels and a cute little dress (minus the visible thighs). They're the greatest asset to my wardrobe of late - saving me ten minutes of struggling with my best going-out skinny jeans, and with the super skinny look. How could it go wrong, right?

I'll tell you how...

I rate Wellington as being pretty trendy, but I am concerned to see all too many girls out wearing their jeggings (or leggings) as pants. Now I'm not talking about not wearing a skirt over the top, a long top will suffice, but when your top and your jeggings meet at the waist, with no attempt at hiding the bummage, the look goes quickly awry. I've seen it being done! Jeggings with waistline checked shirt, meeting there in the awkward inbetween that is so rarely seen these days. The first image that comes to mind is this ---->

I have two words for you. Camel and Toe.

No one wants or needs to see this. The suggestion of lovely legs that jeggings/leggins provide is so much more pleasant than giving it all away! And unless you're catwalk thin, jeggings provide the perfect opportunity to show off the legs without having to expose the bum area. Just barely covering it is so much better than setting it free.
Disagree? I welcome images posted of an example where the look works on someone larger than a size 6 (0). Or even on a size 6! I'm a comfortable size 10, my bum and thighs cause me no embarrassment, but I still wouldn't be caught out without a top over my hips of my beloved jeggings.

Happy jegging! xx

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