Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More than half Uggly

I remember buying a pair of Ugg boots in 2004 or 5. Not the slipper-kind, we’d had those as kids for as long as I can remember, but the then-fashionable, everyday-wearing kind of ugg that popped into the scene that winter. I thought the ones I had were pretty cool, and that winter they were a must-have, accompanied by a denim mini and black stockings.

They were everywhere you looked at uni. The staple outfit of that Wellington winter. I did find that they were rather awkward to walk up that massive hill in, but I cared not. I had my uggs and I thought they were choice.

I can’t say I ever went as far with that fad as the pom-pom-adorned variety, that was a bit much as far as I was concerned. Mine were very plain and black, all their fluff was on the inside where it belonged and they kept my feet toasty and warm. Getting to wear your slippers all day is as close to being a bum as students can get, and we embraced it with vigour!

The ugg phenomenon turned sour for me when I went back to my small hometown that summer where the fad had only just hit. By that time in Wellington we were all back in our Havaianas, our uggs tucked away for the summer, but for these poor souls the fashion only caught on at the end of the year. They were out in sweltering temperatures in their uggs, tights and minis, thinking they were looking pretty cool and feeling rather hot (of the sweaty variety, not the sexy type).

That is where it ended for me. Rather short-lived, those uggs are condemned forevermore to a dusty coffin somewhere in my basement.

But close to five years on still I see them on the streets. Why, people, WHY? Where are you even getting them from? I haven’t seen one ugg in a shop for at least three years. Did you hoard three or four pairs for the impending ugg drought? Or is there some secret Uggs-R-Us dispensary floating around out there?

I am seriously concerned for the fashion health of our population. The ugg is over! Get them off your nasty little feet and purchase some shutes or booties instead. Please! For the sake of our fashionable reputation here in the capital!

It’s very distressing for me. Not only do I see ugg-people wearing them in broad daylight, they are wearing them with their jeans stuffed into the boot (or worse still, jeans rolled up to meet the top of the boot). Whatever they do with it, there’s no slender meeting of footwear and jeans. Instead you’ll see a fluffy boot crammed with denim, creating cankles where cankles weren’t before, and opening the wearer up to all sorts of ridicule (from me at least). And don’t even get me started on those pom poms!

As fashions come and go, we are expected to move on with them. As much as we might like to hold on to some of these modes, there comes a time to let go. I’m not saying we should change to suit the latest fashion on the catwalk, conform to commercial pressures, or purchase shoes faster than we can scuff the soles. But seriously people, there are some things that should happily come and go – and the ugg is one of them.

Am I wrong? Is it still acceptable to wear uggs? Your thoughts are welcomed, although I have my suspicions that ugg-wearers aren’t regular readers of fashion blogs, opening up a rather one-sided view on the matter.

Note to readers: we wore tights with ours, this girl is probably Australian! lol

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attack of the Killer Heels

The latest fashion victim to walk the streets is my feet. Not because they are clad in something hideous, but because of the inevitable pain that came with my new killer heels. To be fair, I haven’t had an opportunity to wear them out yet, but my attempts around the house have been short-lived at best, and I am determined to get the platform walk down before I take them into the public eye.

Stumbling or shuffling in heels is not my style. Watching inexperienced heel-wearers out on Friday and Saturday nights is enough to make me cringe (and sometimes lol). Word to the wise ladies – wear your heels around at home a few times before setting yourself up for embarrassment on the streets.

But I digress…

These platforms I bought are the most beautiful bronze colour and the heels are close to 5 inches high. (Not too bad if you think about the inch of platform raising the ball of the foot as well.) Nevertheless, they are certainly impressive, and I can’t wait to wear them out (if only for a short distance!).

My bf, on the other hand, is not so impressed. He thinks they look like stripper heels. I can see how he came to that conclusion, the untrained male eye might not see the difference between this… (black) and this… (pink). However, I was a little surprised to see the latter online in the same field as the other platforms and I smiled quietly at the way they labelled them “show-girl style” and not just “stripper heels”.

But! We are all about the platforms this season and the look is varying and plentiful, a style for every taste.

I’m loving the peep-toe, like my current obsession, but then I saw some nude pumps in another store (well out of my price range – until next pay day, anyway). I think they were the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I’m sure one of my Barbies had a pair just like them back in the day and I am determined to transport the Barbie shoe on to my own dainty hoof in the coming weeks. Nude is such a hot colour right now, so classy, so elegant and extremely versatile as far as clothing choice goes.

I haven’t quite embraced the gladiator look yet, in sandals or heels. I can see how it works, I like some of the ones I see, but I can’t quite make it to the check out. If they stick around for long enough perhaps I will eventually conform, but ‘til then I’ll stick with my pumps.

Other trends continuing to grace our feet are cork heels, snakeskin leather and some gorgeous bright colours and patents – something for every occasion. Just make sure that when you’re out shopping, you’re going for sexy chic not stripper-chick!

Happy shopping! xx

Monday, September 28, 2009

the jegging phenomenon

So, the latest phenomenon to grace our lovely legs is the "jegging". Love the look. Hate the name. However, I tried and failed to come up with a better term, thus my reference to the awkward jegging, the fashionable love-child of jeans and leggings. Leggings have been around for a while now, keeping us toasty when we're out in the less-than-desirable NZ weather and saving us from seeing all too much beyond the leave-nothing-to-the-imagination micromini dresses of late. I'm sometimes concerned for the health of the girls wearing these dresses on out on freezing nights, but that's a whole other story...

I'm loving my newly purchased jeggings! I was so pleased with them in the shop that I purchased both denim blue and black (not quite adventurous enough for acid-wash yet, I'll leave them for the under-20s for now!), at a hefty price, but such is the cost of fashion! Jeggings are so versatile, much like their legging counterparts, but with the added value of (gasp!) pockets and the ever-fashionable look of jeans.

You dress them down with a lengthy singlet, bat-wing top or boyfriend shirt, or sex them up with killer heels and a cute little dress (minus the visible thighs). They're the greatest asset to my wardrobe of late - saving me ten minutes of struggling with my best going-out skinny jeans, and with the super skinny look. How could it go wrong, right?

I'll tell you how...

I rate Wellington as being pretty trendy, but I am concerned to see all too many girls out wearing their jeggings (or leggings) as pants. Now I'm not talking about not wearing a skirt over the top, a long top will suffice, but when your top and your jeggings meet at the waist, with no attempt at hiding the bummage, the look goes quickly awry. I've seen it being done! Jeggings with waistline checked shirt, meeting there in the awkward inbetween that is so rarely seen these days. The first image that comes to mind is this ---->

I have two words for you. Camel and Toe.

No one wants or needs to see this. The suggestion of lovely legs that jeggings/leggins provide is so much more pleasant than giving it all away! And unless you're catwalk thin, jeggings provide the perfect opportunity to show off the legs without having to expose the bum area. Just barely covering it is so much better than setting it free.
Disagree? I welcome images posted of an example where the look works on someone larger than a size 6 (0). Or even on a size 6! I'm a comfortable size 10, my bum and thighs cause me no embarrassment, but I still wouldn't be caught out without a top over my hips of my beloved jeggings.

Happy jegging! xx